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Here’s a list of my favorite restaurants and shows in Las Vegas.  I’ve tried a lot of restaurants in Vegas and these are my some of the best that I’ve found so far.  I like to rate restaurants based on the quality of food, atmosphere, service, and price.


1.  MON AMI GABI  IN PARIS:  FRENCH STEAK.  Definitely get the French Steak!  It’s a nice cut of boneless shoulder meat marinated to the point that it breaks apart with a fork!  The steak entre is $24.95 and is outstanding!  You can sit on the patio and watch the Bellagio fountains during dinner or make a reservation for the restaurant.  Patio seating is first-come, first-serve.

2.  ROSEMARY’S in HENDERSON:  CLASSIC AMERICAN.  The only drawback to eating here is the long, expensive taxi ride to and from the Strip.  It’s well worth it if you love good food or are celebrating a very special occassion.

3.  BATTISTA’S HOLE IN THE WALLITALIAN.  This is a hidden gem for Italian food and is fabulous.  It’s located just behind the Flamingo Hotel & Casino in a strip mall.  Just walk down to Flamingo Rd. and Las Vegas BLVD (the Strip).  You’ll find yourself standing on the corner between Bally’s and Bill’s Gaming Hall.  Walk down towards the elevated train that runs into the side Bally’s parking lot.  You’ll see a small strip mall on the left side of the street (and Battista’s sign).  Enjoy!

5.  LAWRY’S THE PRIME RIB:   PRIME RIB.  I didn’t eat here because I don’t like chain restaurants.  However, I changed my mind when a customer who was a large beef rancher in Nebraska referred me to it.  He complained about the quality of beef where ever he ate and said it was nothing like he had back on the ranch.  I dropped him off at Lawry’s when coming back from the Grand Canyon.  His wife was so pleased that she called the next day and told me to get down there and eat it.  So, being the pig I am, did.  It was the best prime rib I’ve ever eaten.

6.  HUGO’S CELLAR at THE FOUR QUEENS:  AMERICANA.  Hugo’s is located in downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street.  The food is really good and you won’t go wrong eating here.  They have great food and a great atmosphere.

7.  IN-N-OUT BURGER:  FAST FOOD.  In-N-Out is a fast food place that has really good, cheap hamburgers.  Their food is made fresh (never frozen) and they only serve hamburgers and french fries.  It’s located on Tropicana and the 15.

8.  LOTUS OF SIAMTHAI.  You’ll have to taxi to Lotus of Siam.  It’s located on Sahara in a strip mall but they have really, really good Thai food!


1.  SPICE MARKET BUFFET in PLANET HOLLYWOOD:  I think this is the best buffet in Vegas for price and value.  They don’t have a huge selection but I think that’s good because what they do have has good quality.  I don’t like buffets that have a lot of food but everything is bland.  I’d rather have less with better quality and that’s the Spice Market.

2.  BELLAGIO BUFFET in BELLAGIO:  You’ll pay for what you get.  The price is $49 a person but the food is the best of any buffet in Vegas.

3.  TERRIBLE’S CASINO BUFFET:  I think for price and value this is the best buffet in Vegas, at least for breakfast.  The breakfast buffet is $4.99 and you can get a 2-1 coupon if you hunt around Vegas.  The lunch and dinner is not as good but all of them are under $10 so what can you complain about as long as they don’t poison you?


One thought on “Darryl’s Page”

  1. Darryl,

    I hope you remember me! I am Aunt Laura’s and Mom’s friend from NY! Just wanted to say hi! I will actually be in Vegas on April 2 until April 7. I am defintely taking Al to Mon Ami Gabi. We are staying at the Cosmpolitan!

    Al will be in meetings all day long. If you are free any day for lunch let me know!
    Would love to see you. And by the way–a friend is coming out a week before and I am sending her your website because she is looking to go to the Canyon.


    “Auntie” Debby

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