Both #GrandCanyon & #Zion are FULLY Open!

Here at Grand-Adventures, we’re all doing a happy dance! The Arizona and Utah state governments have decided to reopen national parks for a week or so.

The U.S. federal government is on it’s 14th day of a shutdown. Included in this are all of our national parks. Of course this has had a direct impact on park employees all over the country as well as those of us whose business caters to the tourists who visit our national treasures.

Thankfully, the Grand Canyon has been given a grant by the state government of Arizona to remain open until this Friday, October 18th. Zion National Park has been loaned the funds by taxpayers to stay open through to this Sunday, October 20th.

This is great news! While it’s only a temporary fix, let’s hope it encourages a speedy end to the government shutdown.

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We hope to see you soon!


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