Our TripAdvisor Ranking for Grand-Adventures.com.

We had one person recently post a review for our Grand Canyon tours and hit the nail right on the head.  Our tours are very casual and meant to let people feel like our friends for a day.  In fact, I’ve made several very good friends through my tour service because of how we treat people.  There are people who often misunderstand our ranking and think it reflects a red carpet, luxury tour service.  The only place our website mentions the word “luxury” is under the TripAdvisor section where I explain that we ARE NOT  a luxury tour operator. 

I grew up on a small farm in Michigan and know how appealing simple and rustic things are in life.  The reason I chose to target people like this is because, growing up on that small farm, I learned  the glass is always half full.  There are going to be times when everything doesn’t go as planned but that’s the time to wing it and have some fun.  There are people who don’t undertand this and their attitude or behavior almost always affects the mood of the group.  These people make me feel like I should just operate everything from a firm business point-of-view.   They make me mad but then I realize that these tours aren’t designed for them, I don’t want their business, and so I’m not going to change anything because a few people mis-booked their tour.  I think we have enough information on our website to let them make a sound decision if our tours fit their travel needs.  

Our tours are very casual, the tour guides are very professional, caring, and knowlegable, and our tours are certainly not designed for anyone who is going to scrutinize every detail of the tour.


6 thoughts on “Our TripAdvisor Ranking for Grand-Adventures.com.”

  1. Your totally right.

    Anyone that thinks your tours are not for them..need to realize the importance of sitting back and taking it all in. I would rather be seeing how beautiful the ladscape is and most of all sometimes things are better when just left alone and so high class you cant enjoy yourself.
    Thank you.

  2. I just wanted to post and say our group had a great tour on 24-January-2010 with Alfonso and Julio. They were warm, helpful, and knowledgeable throughout. Your comment here “feels like friends for a day” describes our experience perfectly. I left a tripadvisor review that should appear soon.

    Thanks again for a great experience.

  3. I took the tour in January 2009 when visiting the US from Australia. Some friends have just booked on our recommendation, hence why I’ve revisited your website.

    We have wonderful memories of a relaxing day out in nature with what felt like a bunch of mates… this format of tour is one I wish could be found everywhere!!

  4. Hi,
    Went on the sunset tour on Saturday Nov 20th. Unfortunately the weather was not favorable but nevertheless myself, and the rest of the tour guests,had a fabulous day ! The succes of the day was of course due to the fantastic views we’ve had at Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon but also, for a big part, to our tour guide Alfonso. Alfonso made each one of the tour members feel special and had many attention for each of them, all questions where answered and we learned many new things about Vegas, Hoover Dam and the Canyon. This day will certainly remain a fantastic souvenir of great nature views and an example of the hospitatlity and kindness of the US citizens, especially Alfonso in this case 🙂 My opinion on tripadvisor will certainly be more than positive. Thanks for this great day Alfonso !

  5. My wife and I had a fantastic Grand Canyon Walking Tour this past Thursday, 26 April 2012. Though the weather was a bit too windy for some of our group (though as a blue water sailor I loved it ;-). ) and we had some light rain, the views were fantastic, as was our tour guide, Trayce, who made the entire day an absolute delight!

  6. We enjoyed a delightful tour on April 22 with Alfonso. The trip was long, but Alfonso was a great guide with so much information. The Grand Canyon is a must see!! The group in the van was fun and the day was wonderful.

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