My Great Week!

I had a great time this week with everyone!  I’m going to try to blog and tell stories of the week.  I never know what is going to happen but most of it is funny.  Thanks to everyone for making the trips so fun!  It’s hard doing Grand Canyon tours when people really aren’t into it.  Nearly everyone who joins me for a tour is really into it and I like having fun with people.  But, there are times when people aren’t into it; they just didn’t want to ride a big bus for eight hours.  It was a great week and so on we’ll go!

The funniest thing I saw was when Olaf, a great guy from Germany, learned he had the exact same camera as a young kid named Kay (from Singapore).   Kay had all the bells and whisltes for his camera and Olaf was so impressed that he forgot that his wife, Karin, came along on the tour too.  Kay opened his backpack at one point and Olaf’s eyes widened like he had just seen a chest of gold.  They fished around in the bag for awhile.  I told Karin, “Well, I think you’re going to be sitting in a new seat on the ride home.”  She agreed.  Cjay went on a tour too and I like it when she goes.  I have someone who I can pick on for a full day – but she doesn’t have any of it for too long and puts me right in my place.   She’s afraid of heights and has been doing really well in getting use to it.  One day, I’ll be able to grab her by the arm and run right to the edge. 

I saw a trailer-trash fight too at the Grand Canyon this week!  A girl who was about 18 suddenly got mad at her brother, who was about 16.  They were standing by the edge when her brother whispered something to her.  She said, “I know you just didn’t say that to me!  Say it to me again!”  Suddenly, she slapped him so hard that the cigarette fell out of his mouth and danced across the patio.  Her dad came running over crying, “Ahhhh, Jenny Jo!”  He chased after his cig yelling, “Jenny Jo, you ain’t wantin’ to do that!”  She followed right behind him and got into his face as he stood up from grabbing his cig.  She said, “Say it again!”  So, he did what any 16 year old boy would do.  He said it again,  He said it out loud though.  It had something to do with the size of the Grand Canyon and a particular body part on Jenny Jo.  I’ve never seen a woman hit a person so hard.  She obviously knew how to throw a good punch.  This time, dust came out of his ears as she belted him across the eye.  Her dad jumped in screaming, “Darn it Jenny Jo, I told you about hittin’ your brother!”  She pushed her dad and started cussing like an old sailor, “You didn’t hear what he said to me cuss, cuss, cuss!”  She stormed off but the guy had a really bad black eye.  I felt bad for him.  I’ve done over 800 tours and this was the first time I saw a Jerry Springer-like moment at the Grand Canyon.

I’m a bit behind on CD’s so please bear with me as I get through them.  I promise to get them out – and PLEASE email me if you didn’t get yours yet and traveled before June 5th.  I’m working on three new affiliate sites called Grand Canyon Sunset Tours, Grand Canyon Walking Tours, and a directory called 702Tours. 


One thought on “My Great Week!”

  1. darryl,
    great site,sounds like you’ve got yourself a great business, looking forward to booking my tour sometime next september and meeting you,

    i might even apply for one of those tour guide jobs your going to be trying to fill in january


    Al Murphy

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